Hi, I am Adrian Burlaza

My name is Adrian Burlaza, I was first introduced into photography in 2008 when I took an intro black & white photo course. I instantly fell in love with taking images with my camera and seeing them come to life by my own hands (literally, in the dark room). From that point I committed myself to this craft of image-making and scoured the internet, learning everything from nerdy equipment specs to creative techniques. 

My passion is to capture the essence of each moment; the unedited, uncut, unfiltered snippets of life. I believe these moments bring power and truth, thus rendering powerful, convicting imagery. As a photographer I want my images to leave a lasting impact, holding wonderful memories that can be relived and enjoyed.

More tidbits about me:

- I love playing golf (like a lot)

- Gaming is my guilty pleasure

- Dogs capture my heart. I literally melt when I see one

- I am obsessed about all kinds of camera gear (a true camera nerd)

- I’ve been happily married to my fiery Filipina since 2019

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